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Gin & Jacqie is reviving an old childhood traditional game with a modern twist!

batu page

Selambut or also known as Batu Seremban is a traditional game played in Malaysia. Selambut is a reference to the north and east coast of Peninsular, while on the west coast of Peninsular is called Seremban game. Batu Seremban consists of five ‘stones’  made of fabric and filled with rice or beans, and is usually played by girls in groups of 2 or more.

The game is often played at leisure, on any clean flat surface.

The Gin & Jacqie Batu Seremban Set is made from cotton traditional Sarawak print in Purple

consisting of 5 “stones” that comes in a pouch.

Its light and compact design makes it easy to bring with you everywhere you go!

Click on the video link here to view a guide on how to play the Batu Seremban.

We have been a little quiet on the DIY mayhem of late – but that drought is now over as we are back with a bang this month!


The usage of wood always injects a little rustic charm into everything – and we at Gin & Jacqie wholeheartedly welcome the outdoors into our homes! This week’s DIY is a no-brainer, and easily done with things you may peg as scraps lying around!


To make this eco friendly dish/holder, you will require some wooden pegs and anything that resembles a shallow dish. We have salvaged the lid of a jar as well as a used tea light holder to do the job.


Ready, set – peg! Attach the pegs onto the rim of the ‘dish’, and work your way around the circle until you have lined the entire dish with pegs. The pegs will serve as the ‘wall’ for you to put in longer items i.e. rulers and pencils.


You have now completed one fancy holder that will keep your office accessories at bay – but we are gonna leg it up a little and stack another layer on top!

 peg5 peg7

Using the second smaller tea light, we lined it with pegs and place it on top of the larger pegged dish. And there you have it – a multipurpose holder made of reusable materials!


As you can see, we immediately took hold of office stationery (even a plant) and excitedly decked out our desk with this new addition. Glass jars are soooo 2012 – try a holder made with pegs instead! We daresay that this might even make a great table piece if you care to give it a go!


Recently, I threw a farewell party for a friend who was leaving to pursue a career in Singapore. She wanted something to remind everyone of her, and because we had very little time to make something from scratch, we came up with simple customizable gifts to give out at her party: forget-me-knot journals.

notebook2 notebook3 notebook4 notebook5 notebook6

We found these great faux leather journals in Daiso which came with long cloth closures to bound together. We drew hearts on each cover, and cut them out. Then we painted the first page of the journal with pink acrylic, and just glued the cover to the first page once the acrylic dried. She wrote a simple message onto each heart for every friend, and that’s it! Super fast to make, super sweet to receive, this forget-me-knot journal is sure to remind that loved one of your love!

Happy DIY Wednesday, guys!



In case you haven’t realized from our Instagram stream, we’re super loving our new Reversible Rebecca! Versatile, stylish, and surprisingly easy to match outfits with, this handy dandy clutch says it all. This limited edition reversible clutch gives you two looks within seconds, between day to night, or business to fun. Roomy and soft, and comes with a reversible zipper with dual lock function, this clutch easily fits and iPad or an e-book reader.

We’ve been using our Reversible Rebecca’s for most of our daily outings and meetings, but we’ve yet to try a dressier style to match its vibrant print and muted twin. Here’s how we’d attempt the look:


1. Whitesoot dandelion laser cut flare dress 2. Nanano chiffon shrug 3. The Jewel Bar bangles 4. Sidewalk pink ballerina flats 5. Reversible Rebecca in Aztec pink

How would you style your Reversible Rebecca?




Our latest Mother’s Day giveaway is from the lovely Shelby of Bisou Bon Bon. Bisou started out as a pre-loved blogspot, but has since transformed into a popular brand amongst the homemakers of the local scene. Unlike a lot of mainstream beauty names out there, Shelby promises that Bisou keeps away from artificial fragrance, preservatives, or colorings. And the result of her promise created wonderfully natural, handmade products that soothe the body and treat the skin.

We asked Shelby to give our readers a few of her favorite Bisou picks:


The ARGAN OIL, nicknamed “liquid gold” and is packed with natural nutrients such as vitamin E compounds, polyphenols, phenolic compounds, carotenes (antioxidants) and essential fats, this luxurious hair and skin conditioner absorbs quite, leaving minimal oily residue. It also soothes irritated and sensitive baby skin, not to mention helps prevents stretch marks because of its ability to prevent the breakdown of essential structural proteins like collagen and elastin, therefore helping rejuvenate the skin with additional nutrients. You only need 1-2 drops on your palm to use daily onto skin for that light and all-effective rejuvenation!


The Hiver soap bar is concocted by using a formula that incorporates every element of being calm. Think chamomile essential oil (a herb that is used medicinally for over 2000 years and is known to be the premier treatment for soothing skin irritation and boost regeneration), lavender essential oil (a powerful healing and anti-inflammatory agent), honey (for that extra sweetness to your skin!), rolled oats, and fresh goat’s milk (fantastic for eczema-prone skin). With all that said, we really wanted you to have the best of it all in just one bar! 


Our solid perfumes are basically ready-to-use, easy to carry perfumes that come in lightweight cases fit for your purses! We currently stock three scents: Paris (rose with a hint of Ylang Ylang), Provence (lavender with a pinch of geranium), and Lorraine (bergamot with a hint of Patchouli). They’re fun, and make such great gifts for those who love a little pick-me-up!

So how do you get your hands on some wonderfully handmade Bisou Bon Bon products? All you’ll have to do is upload a picture of your mom looking stylish and fab when she was younger onto our Facebook page. Alternatively, you could Instagram that same picture to us by tagging us as well as hash tagging #ginjacqie #flashback. Each participant is only allowed one submission, so pick the most awesome pic! Contest ends on May 31st, and winners will be announced on our Facebook page.

Good luck!!!


Black and white is fast becoming the most romantic coupling since, well, the last time they were. For the past few days, I’ve been noticing a cat shoe DIY floating around Pinterest, but now that I’m finally ready to embrace the cat-lovin’, it’s gone. Just like all sordid love affairs that were meant to be just never being, I was torn and shattered. Okay fine, it barely affected me. However, I really did want to make myself my very own Tom-like cat flats to skulk around in and loiter within the dim of everyone else’s shadows.

So I did it anyway, despite being a dog lover.


I started by digging out an old pair of black slip-ons I had lying around. I remember purchasing them on impulse, mainly due to the fact that they were only RM20 (think school shoes, but with a filtered edge). But I never got around to wearing them because it always came down to a fight between them, and a pair of black Comme des Garcons sneakers I’ve loved since I first laid eyes on them. The latter always won, if not out of loyalty, then out of fame.

Ignore the layer of dust on them… Will get them cleaned by rolling some cello tape around them after I turn them into shoes I’d love to prance around town in!


I started by taping a line of cello tape across each shoe. These would keep me from jumping over the line and making wrongs from rights. Yes, I’m feeling rather melancholic today as I write this simple post.


Once I was done painting white acrylic to the bottom part of the taped section, I pulled the tapes away and touched up any sections that may have seeped through the tapes with a thin brush.

IMG_2877 IMG_2880

All that was left to do was add the ears, eyes, and nose of each cat. And there you have it, cat shoes for the obvious dog lover! Why? – Just because sometimes, opposites attract in the most powerful of ways that nobody would, or should, try to comprehend. And though this tainted love affair will undoubtedly falter from the pressure of making sense out of fragmented pieces that don’t belong with one another, it will be a love affair worth wearing out…

Happy DIY Wednesday, peeps! A friendly reminder to stay away from the emo tunes!


placemat clutch

Placemats are really handy things to have lying around for DIY and craft projects, but it’s always hard for me to find placemats suitable to my taste: dark and grey. Hence, when I came across this grey placemat that resembled tweed from afar in the pasar malam (night market) for only RM3 per piece, I knew I had to purchase it for a DIY Wednesday post.


All you’ll need is a really cheap placemat, a sewing machine and basic sewing skills, and just whatever sewing materials you have lying around at home. I didn’t really plan this project… I just knew I wanted to make a clutch or envelope of some sort, and the rest just came along the way.


I started off by folding my mat to form my clutch, leaving a third of it for the fold over closure. You don’t really need to measure the fold, just go according to your own preference or judgement. Some of you might opt to do without the fold over flap, especially if you’re intending on using this as a slide-on cover for iPads or notebooks. The closure I’m going to show below works for either.


The next step would be to fold the corners of the clutch in. Again, no measurements are required. Just fold inwards accordingly, and pin in place. Once the first side is done, you can roughly estimate the other side. Do the same for both sides.


If you have any trims lying around, you can sandwich it between what are now your side seams. I opted for this faux zipper trim I purchased in Hong Kong, but you can also use ribbons, lace pieces, or just leave it plain.


Once you’ve trimmed all around your bag, you’re going to have to decide on your opening. The easiest and neatest opening would be a pop button or a basic button, both of which you can get done at your local haberdashery. However, because I wanted a unique closure, and because my clutch looks very clean cut, I decided to use some soft black elastic I had to create a ribbon opening. First, I pinned the bottom bit onto the clutch, and then I marked a slit to pull the ribbon through on the fold over. With a blade, I created a slit. You can do the same with a buttonhole, but due to the width of my elastic, the slit was ideal.

After that, all that’s left is to fill up your clutch with essentials.

DSC01982 DSC01985

And just like that, you’ve got your own unique and stylish clutch made out of a RM3 placemat! Seriously, this is such a quick and affordable project that you’ll find yourself obsessively making tons as gifts to friends, or even one for each day of the week! Let us know if you try this project out with your own placemat. Until then, happy DIY Wednesday!


diy namecard holder1 diy namecard holder2

Here’s a little DIY project you can do to spruce up those names cards you have clouding up your office desk. First, arm yourself with some clothes pegs, a few pieces of Jenga blocks (we used the leftovers of the Tesco set from our Ikea lamp hack), spray paint, and superglue. Next, spray paint your blocks and clothes pegs. Once dry, stick the clothes pegs on the blocks one by one. This part requires three must-follow rules: a) DO NOT stick the clothes pegs together before sticking them onto the blocks, b) leave a sliver of a gap between each clothes peg, and c) only superglue one leg of each clothes peg onto the blocks. All the above mentioned will ensure that your clothes pegs can still be pinched open for easy insertion of name cards. When the glue dries, glue another block on the other side of the holder to sandwich the clothes pegs between both blocks.

And you’re done!!! This is a great way to display your name cards, as well as use as a reminder to call suppliers or customers on particularly busy days. For travelers who are always looking for a better way to store their name cards, you should check out our Alex Passport Holder for convenient organization.


Unicorn rides, however, are available for purchase over at Groupon Malaysia. Have a great DIY Wednesday!


cookie1 cookie2 cookie3

Looking to make a statement during those ang pao giving sessions? Well, we’ve come up with an adorable solution to modernizing a tradition! Meet our new fortune cookie purse, a little coin purse made to resemble a Chinese fortune cookie. While it may not be edible, this little charmer is made of faux gold leather and includes a red lining, cultivating the colors of prosperity within its versatility!

This fortune cookie purse is limited in stocks, and just to ring in the celebrations, we’re giving away one free with every purchase of RM180 and above in a single receipt! Otherwise, you can purchase it separately *here*.



Here’s a little tote that will be perfect for those Chinese New Year house visits: meet Chirpy Cheri, a limited edition screen printed design of our adorable feathered friends on a raw canvas tote. This intricate illustration is inspired by the traditional Chinese paper cutting, and it will definitely add a dash of whimsy to your everyday look!

MATERIAL: Raw canvas
SIZE:  35cm x 12cm x 30cm
COLOR: Natural beige

 Visit our shopping site for more info!


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