None would give it a second thought – your basic door is generally taken for granted, even though it represents the entrance to the place you call home, the one thing that separates your world from the one outside of it.

Many have tried with radical innovations and clever reinventions, none quite hit the spot like Klemens Torggler, an Austrian artist who literally have changed the way you open the door. Named as the ‘Evolution Door’, this is Torggler’s third design in the “flip panel” door series.

How it works – the door folds into four triangular sections that collapse in on themselves and twists at the push of a finger, before straightening back up into a rectangle. Instead of the traditional two or three hinges that you see on a door, this particular one only relies on one hinge in the middle and has pivots attached on the bottom and top of it. The flow of the system is somewhat graceful and swift that it’s almost like looking at a moving art piece instead of an opening door.

An ongoing design and engineering experiment, the Evolution Door is still in prototype phase. However, Torggler’s earlier versions are made available through the website Artelier Contemporary. You can learn more on the system used by the artist for this genius design and concept by visiting his site here.

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