On Christmas day, the toddler and I made some easy peasy snow globes with things we found around the house. These are relatively mess-free, and require no actual skill but the ability to maintain composure when superglue leaks all over your hands… I failed tremendously, and now have two completely white and stiffened palms as well-earned “scars”.

All you’ll need are some small toys, some jars (could be mason jars, could be recycled baby food jars, it depends on the size of your chosen ornaments… I used Ikea seasoning jars because they’re the ideal size for my toddler to hold), colored glitter, superglue, and general purpose silicone.

Begin with carefully applying superglue onto the bottom of your toy, then sticking it onto the inner middle of your jar cover. While the glue dries, sprinkle some glitter into the empty jar. I used a mix of green, red, and gold glitter. Try not to put too much glitter into the jar, otherwise you’ll end up with a very cloudy globe. Once that is done, pour water into the jar (you can also pour a little baby oil into it for a slower “snow fall” effect), leaving about half an inch of empty space to give room for better shaking, as well as to insert the cover and toy in without overflowing. Put the cover on, and tighten the lid carefully. Try shaking your snow globe; if it leaks by a little (usually barely a drop), take the sealant and trim the edges around your lid. The silicone takes quite some time to dry.

Our snow globes turned out very bright and vibrant (not to mention a tad too green thanks to the toddler going crazy with the green glitter), but otherwise perfect! These will also make really creative souvenir for parties, given the right theme. Of course, there are far more delicately planned DIYs for snow globes out there, and here are three of our favorite ones: Creative Mama’s Gift Card Snow Globe, Our Best Bites’ Photograph Snow Globes, and Bakerella’s Coca-cola Cupcake Snow Globes. Enjoy, enjoy!!!


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  1. […] you money. Hence, the spray was leftover from my other projects, and the silicone was also from my snow globe […]

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