December is here, and it’s time for sumptuous feasts and a second batch of presents since your birthday! Before we start shopping for the dinner essentials, lets break out the Christmas decorations first. At Gin & Jacqie, we are all for DIY-ing just about anything that we can. Besides, if it calls for spending less this holiday season, why not give it a shot? To make our paper cut snowflakes, all you need is a pair of scissors and some paper cupcake holders.


Flatten the cupcake holder down, so that you get a circular shape.


Fold your circle in half, four times.

snow3 snow4

When you have folded your cupcake holders into a thin stack, whip out your scissors and start snipping away at the edges of your folded cupcake holder. Think of it as if you’re creating a human paper chain – the shapes and patterns you cut will reveal itself in full once you unfold the paper. Zig zagged lines, wavy shapes and geometrical points – unleash your inner artist!

snow5 snow6 snow7 snow8

Here’s our final result! The best thing about this DIY is that you won’t know the final look until you open up your folded piece – which we think is just as satisfying as unwrapping a present on Xmas day. This makes each piece unique and an absolute fun to work on – get your entire family to join in and you will have enough to adorn your Christmas tree!


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