I used to read a book a day. Today, I haven’t read a book since I read What To Expecting While You’re Expecting… my bub’s already 7 months old. A sheepish grin would be appropriately placed right abouttt *here* for my inability to further comprehend the misdirections of Kundera and Murakami. E-books, you ask? Nope. I’ve never been able to sit on the throne long enough to finish a page, that’s a man’s talent that I could never fathom. I do, however, read nonsense Tweets. Or Facebook links. And it has taught me to have the memory of a goldfish and the vocabulary of a technologically advanced twit.

So whatever happened to good ol’ books? Pages in all its covered glory? Words you can touch, grasp, feel in every turn of a chapter? Are they left rotting in some huge hole, waiting to be filled forever by dirt and all its infinite demise? Nope. They’ve become versatile.

Lisa Occhipinti’s Etsy shop is filled with pages aplenty, but her book mobiles really caught my eye. Such depth, such simplicity, such a gorgeous way of portraying appreciation towards vintage books besides allowing them to collect dust along the crappy presence of cheap magazines.

Most of us find light in the sentences of someone else’s world, but Ragip Erdem takes the meaning to literal heights. He creates various lamps out of old hardcover books and gives them life as mood lamps. I love the ceiling lamp!

And then you’ve seen plenty of these invisible bookshelves scattered on blogs thanks to Instructables’ original post wayyyy back when. I’ve bookmarked (haha) the tutorial for years now, and have procrastinated its basic steps for the same amount of time. Will do it once I’ve repainted my bedroom, and to ensure I do, I’m gonna promise to post the before and after pics of my room up. Yes, pinky promise!

For those of us who see books as art (my personal favorite kind of art, actually), you can follow the footsteps of Paper n Stitch and create your own book wall. The best part bout this tutorial? – the books are detachable and can be rearranged at any time!

On the same blog, you’ll be able to find the next book idea: book frames. These really bring an enlightening feel to old photographs, not to mention a cool decorative addition to your living room wall.

So before you throw away yet another book, show some appreciation by giving it new meaning much like the one it was printed for; to bring you joy.

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2 thoughts on “DIY Wednesday: Books and little nooks

  1. Brittni says:

    Thanks for sharing two Papernstitch projects on your lovely blog!

  2. Gin&Jacqie says:

    no thanks necessary, we loveeeee your blog and want our readers to stalk it as much as we do ^_^

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