While I was busy wracking my brains thinking what to make for today’s DIY post, I was reminded that hey, it’s actually Labor Day! Which means holiday! Which means no work! Which means I have the best excuse in the world not to post any personal projects up! Instead, I procrastinated many projects by stalking the non-procrastinators via Pinterest. And I managed to compile a list of DIY projects that would result in the best lazy day spent:


First, you need to make this hammock. What? You live in an apartment? Just add hooks to both ends of your balcony to hold your hammock Рand your weight Рup!


Then you need to make this dream catcher. Why? Because you’ll regret not catching your daydreams as they muse and muster amazing bubbles of thoughts that will cause a chaotically ingenious plan to conquer the world in style and design.


Then you will need breakfast….


…. and lunch….


… and a tea time snack


… and dinner


… and dessert


… all served to you in one go (yes, one go) by this

That completes my lazy list of DIYs. Now to find someone to make all of the above for me while I bask in the glory that is this lovely holiday!


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