We have talked briefly about sugar skulls and the Mexican tradition of Dia de los Muertos on our Facebook last week. Though macabre as skulls are often perceived, their colorful connection with All Soul’s Day have shed a lighter image on what could be a spooky occasion. In fact, if you are looking up potential makeup ideas for Halloween, chances are that you may have seen a Youtube tutorial or two, or perhaps a series of beguiling paintings by famed artist Sylvia Ji.

Sylvia’s paintings of women are ornate, bearing heavy influences from Mexican and Native American tradition and culture. Her female subjects command your attention with an almost arresting, and evocative gaze. They appear to whisper to the viewer behind the canvas, inviting you to take a second look.

am-sylvia-1 gal__201_delfinaymaria ji-calavera-azul1 red_quechquemitls_2 Sylvia-Ji_Marigold_2008


Spontaneity is key in Sylvia’s work – she lets her imagination and materials guide the way, forming shadows and ultimately, a concise shape. But if pure unconstrained ideas yield such striking results, Sylvia Ji is here to stay in our wandering minds.

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