Gin & Jacqie is reviving an old childhood traditional game with a modern twist!

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Selambut or also known as Batu Seremban is a traditional game played in Malaysia. Selambut is a reference to the north and east coast of Peninsular, while on the west coast of Peninsular is called Seremban game. Batu Seremban consists of five ‘stones’  made of fabric and filled with rice or beans, and is usually played by girls in groups of 2 or more.

The game is often played at leisure, on any clean flat surface.

The Gin & Jacqie Batu Seremban Set is made from cotton traditional Sarawak print in Purple

consisting of 5 “stones” that comes in a pouch.

Its light and compact design makes it easy to bring with you everywhere you go!

Click on the video link here to view a guide on how to play the Batu Seremban.

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The animated illustrations created by Robin Davey is anything but ordinary. This london based freelance goes by many hats as an illustrator, animator, designer and director. With that many talent, it’s no surprise why everyone is getting hooked on his work.









Deriving inspiration from mid-century illustrators like Miroslav Sasek and comic books of his youth, as well as citing Tom Eckersley, an English poster artist as a major influence, you can expect fun and humor with a slight retro feel on all his published work.

You can view more on Robin Davey here.

It’s tough being a parent. It’s even tougher when done alone. There are a surprising amount of us who are brought up by single parents, and very rarely do single parents get acknowledged for the amount of love, dedication, and courage they portray in everyday responsibilities. Hence, we were delighted to hear about The School’s latest exhibition for Parents Without Partners. Through a series of photography based on single parents and their children supported by the Centre for Asian Photographers (CAP), Giclee Art, as well as main photographer Azrul Abdullah, The School is running a photo exhibition at CAP 11th March to the 1st of April in hopes of creating awareness and giving these power parents their much deserved spotlight.

None would give it a second thought – your basic door is generally taken for granted, even though it represents the entrance to the place you call home, the one thing that separates your world from the one outside of it.

Many have tried with radical innovations and clever reinventions, none quite hit the spot like Klemens Torggler, an Austrian artist who literally have changed the way you open the door. Named as the ‘Evolution Door’, this is Torggler’s third design in the “flip panel” door series.

How it works – the door folds into four triangular sections that collapse in on themselves and twists at the push of a finger, before straightening back up into a rectangle. Instead of the traditional two or three hinges that you see on a door, this particular one only relies on one hinge in the middle and has pivots attached on the bottom and top of it. The flow of the system is somewhat graceful and swift that it’s almost like looking at a moving art piece instead of an opening door.

An ongoing design and engineering experiment, the Evolution Door is still in prototype phase. However, Torggler’s earlier versions are made available through the website Artelier Contemporary. You can learn more on the system used by the artist for this genius design and concept by visiting his site here.

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Step 3.
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December is here, and it’s time for sumptuous feasts and a second batch of presents since your birthday! Before we start shopping for the dinner essentials, lets break out the Christmas decorations first. At Gin & Jacqie, we are all for DIY-ing just about anything that we can. Besides, if it calls for spending less this holiday season, why not give it a shot? To make our paper cut snowflakes, all you need is a pair of scissors and some paper cupcake holders.


Flatten the cupcake holder down, so that you get a circular shape.


Fold your circle in half, four times.

snow3 snow4

When you have folded your cupcake holders into a thin stack, whip out your scissors and start snipping away at the edges of your folded cupcake holder. Think of it as if you’re creating a human paper chain – the shapes and patterns you cut will reveal itself in full once you unfold the paper. Zig zagged lines, wavy shapes and geometrical points – unleash your inner artist!

snow5 snow6 snow7 snow8

Here’s our final result! The best thing about this DIY is that you won’t know the final look until you open up your folded piece – which we think is just as satisfying as unwrapping a present on Xmas day. This makes each piece unique and an absolute fun to work on – get your entire family to join in and you will have enough to adorn your Christmas tree!


Unless you have been living under a rock of late – BBC’s Sherlock has finally been granted a release date: 1.1.14! Yes, us Sherlockians have one more thing to celebrate on New Years’ Day. At long last, the much discussed mystery surrounding Sherlock’s shocking fall will be lifted, and hopefully, so will poor John Watson’s spirits. You can’t deny that John does care for his eccentric flatmate – wasn’t the ending scene of the finale tear-jerking enough?

To prep ourselves for the return of the world’s first and only consulting detective, here’s the official teaser trailer for Season 3, for all your relooping pleasure.

We are all made aware of that of late with the latest offering of music. While to each their own, we got to put it out there that not all catchy songs are good, and not all good songs are catchy.

So, to make your Monday a little less glum, we present to you Morgan Freeman, Robert De Niro, Kevin Kline and Michael Douglas reading lyrics from some of today’s viral hits. We promise you that it’s sheer genius – Morgan Freeman’s expression upon reading his given song is worthy of a screenshot, tumblr post and an Internet meme all in one.

Good on you sirs!

We have talked briefly about sugar skulls and the Mexican tradition of Dia de los Muertos on our Facebook last week. Though macabre as skulls are often perceived, their colorful connection with All Soul’s Day have shed a lighter image on what could be a spooky occasion. In fact, if you are looking up potential makeup ideas for Halloween, chances are that you may have seen a Youtube tutorial or two, or perhaps a series of beguiling paintings by famed artist Sylvia Ji.

Sylvia’s paintings of women are ornate, bearing heavy influences from Mexican and Native American tradition and culture. Her female subjects command your attention with an almost arresting, and evocative gaze. They appear to whisper to the viewer behind the canvas, inviting you to take a second look.

am-sylvia-1 gal__201_delfinaymaria ji-calavera-azul1 red_quechquemitls_2 Sylvia-Ji_Marigold_2008


Spontaneity is key in Sylvia’s work – she lets her imagination and materials guide the way, forming shadows and ultimately, a concise shape. But if pure unconstrained ideas yield such striking results, Sylvia Ji is here to stay in our wandering minds.

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